Successful Customer Relationships

successful customer relationships logoIn this frontline employee skill building program, all employees will learn the foundation “how to’s” for winning and keeping customers. The Successful Customer Relationships process creates a completely customized learning experience to meet the specific needs of your organization as well as the specific needs of different service departments in your organization, including how to work with internal customers. The results are increased cooperation, productivity, discretionary effort and customer experiences that are consistent with your brand promise. Those results lead to increases in customer retention. Your frontline team will have the skills and the confidence to work effectively with every customer.

Eighty percent of this program focuses on creating competent service professionals by building the skills of:

  • Listening
  • Responding
  • Rapport building
  • Managing relationship tension and trust
  • Managing perceptions and expectations
  • Service recovery strategies
  • Demonstsrating empathy
  • Working with upset, angry or irate customers
Twenty percent of the program is designed to transfer the beliefs and confidence (mindset) that top service professionals embrace. Our Most Important Goal: Increased Customer Retention

Retention and Loyalty=Willingness to buy again and willingness to refer.

Unlike other training efforts which focus on the training event, this learning process utilizes a deployment strategy tailored to your organization to generate an organization wide focus, commitment and a genuine behavior change

collage of call center agents and customers